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Blue-check Canadian doctor goes on BLOCKING spree after people mock his holier-than-thou virtue-signaling-on-steroids MASK pushing

What IS it with some Canadians? First, it was the guy who tried to ruin a United stewardess’s life over a mask, and now there’s this ‘doctor’ who thinks his mask makes him superior to people who choose not to wear one. We suppose with a ‘leader’ like Justin Trudeau we shouldn’t be surprised by the obnoxious virtue-signaling we’re seeing from the pro-maskers but still.

Like Yoni Freedhoff, MD, who seems to think he CARES MORE since he still wears a mask.


Yes, making your own choices regarding masks makes you horrible and or selfish.

What a toad.

He deserved the mocking:

JUST ONE?! Guess he doesn’t care as much as he thinks he does.


Add teachers’ unions to that list as well.

What do you wanna bet Yoni wears a mask when he’s in a car by himself?

We have yet to see anyone prove masks stop the spread of COVID.

You’d think a doctor would know that.

But if he doesn’t have a hissyfit he can’t virtue signal and pretend to be a better person than those who do not choose to wear a mask.

C’mon man!



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