Adam Kinzinger claims he received a handwritten letter threatening the life of his family. He went so far as to share the letter on Twitter …

Yikes, this is some scary stuff.

You’d think someone so caught up in ranting about Christians would capitalize ‘Hell’, but what do we know? We’re certainly not experts … but plenty of people have their doubts on the legitimacy of the letter and some are even comparing Adam’s own handwriting to the letter.

It’s interesting:


Yeah, he does have a history of sharing things that aren’t real BUT we’re not saying this letter isn’t real.

Just that we understand why people would question him.

Again, not experts here, just sharing what people are seeing.

Also, not seeing many who believe him.

The timing of the letter is rather convenient as the hearings aren’t gaining the support or attention they likely hoped for (Hell, NBC cut to the PGA tour during the hearing on Friday) BUT again, we can neither confirm nor deny if the letter is real.

But we can share tweets from the MANY MANY MANY people who aren’t buying it.

If only there was a PS at the end of the letter: THIS IS MAGA COUNTRY!



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