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They've got NOTHIN': MSNBC analyst basically throws in the towel and tells Democrats to just scare the Hell' out of minorities and women (watch)

You know, if you have to not only scare people but SCARE THE HELL OUT OF THEM in order for them to vote for you MAAAAAYBE your platform sucks and has very little to actually offer Americans. Nothing says ‘we got nothin’ like terrifying women and minorities about evil scary Republicans.

As if this economy isn’t already terrifying TF out of everyone already.

Watch this:

And this proves Democrats really don’t have anything to offer minorities or women.

Or really anyone for that matter.

Heh, join the club.

Lovely is not the word that comes to mind, just saying.


Ding ding ding.

Democracy is all about wolves eating the sheep.

Gosh, the marketing probably won’t be as inspiring or pretty this time around …



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