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‘Now THEY know how it feels to be afraid’: Thread on the 'ugly truth' about what regular Americans REALLY think about January 6 is straight-FIRE

We have written about some intensely brutal threads throughout the years and this one … this one is right up there. It’s rare that we’re actually speechless reading something (wordless?), and of course, we’ve already written quite a bit but still.


We’re not sure we can say anything that Larry Correia hasn’t in his thread.

Maybe just BOOM.

Regular Americans wanted ‘their betters’ to know how it felt to be afraid. Considering we’d all spent a full summer being terrorized by ‘mostly peaceful protesters’ destroying our small businesses, homes, downtowns, and communities and we’d watched our kids kept out of school and jobs shut down yeah by an overreaching government paired up with an inhumane public health organization … this lines up.

Except they only had four hours to feel truly afraid and we had a full year of it.

Keep going.

We told you.


But so freakin’ accurate.


Would it be totally silly to admit we got goosebumps reading this? Yeah? It’s just so on the mark and raw.

Nothing held back.

No concerns about getting locked or suspended for wrong think

Just the honest and brutal truth.

We need so much more of this.


This is so good.

And so accurate.



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