Sorry Democrats, this CHAT screenshot from Siraj Hashmi says it all …

People don’t care.

Well, normal, everyday people don’t care. They’d rather talk about anything else, even Morbius.

Democrats (and Liz Cheney) really want people to see what they’ve put together with an ABC producer and be SHOCKED. HORRIFIED. OUTRAGED. But unfortunately, the only people who responded that way already bought into what the committee has been trying to do. Ultimately, taxpayers footed the bill for an expensive campaign ad for Democrats …

Liz will likely use some of that footage in her campaign ads as well, trying to prove to Wyomingites she had no choice, but most of them won’t care either.

What an embarrassing spectacle.

And what’s the deal with Siraj’s avi?


Yeah, nobody who isn’t already invested in the committee cares about this. They’re far too worried about putting gas in their tanks and food on their tables to waste time watching a bunch of rich, elite, legislators waste millions of dollars to rehash an event only they seem to care about.

Way to go, Democrats.



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