In case you missed it (and honestly, it sounds like many, many, many Americans did) last night’s circus aka the January 6th Committee Hearings was a real dud. Oh sure, they had their fancy ABC producer who came in to make the entire thing look professional but in the end, we didn’t see much of anything we didn’t already know.

Considering most Americans have moved on and care more about the outrageous gas prices and food shortages to come, the only people who watched already buy into the propaganda. Nobody’s mind was changed last night, nobody who plans to vote for Republicans in November was like, ‘YO, I should vote Democrat’.

It changed nothing.

And no amount of caterwauling from our pals on the Left changes that.

Take for example Media Matters’ senior fellow, Matthew Gertz. He’s so far gone he claimed Fox News didn’t show any commercial spots during Tucker Carlson’s show because they didn’t want people flipping over to the committee hearing ‘show’ and SEEING THE TRUTH.

We can’t make this up:


We snort-laughed.

A lot.

Yes, the only reason people didn’t watch the silly hearing was that Fox News wouldn’t let them.

They are SO paranoid about Tucker. It’s bizarre.

You guys, you should see the crazy AGREEING with him … here’s just a taste:

And that mask and those bear ears show that she means business!

Who are these people? You know what, we don’t really want to know.

But woof.



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