Man oh man, what a spectacle the January 6th Committee Hearings were last night. We figured with a fancy ABC producer it would be a ‘production’ but wow. What a hot mess of propaganda and a rehashing of ‘stuff’ we already knew. Full transparency, this editor tried watching and didn’t make it past the first half-hour; there is only so much of Liz Cheney droning on and on about evil Trump that a Twitchy editor can stand. This was not a hearing to show Americans what they’ve learned, this was a paid endorsement for Democrats in the upcoming midterms.

And it still failed.

That didn’t stop Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez from trying to make the entire thing about herself.


This hearing.

Is a dumpster fire.

Psh, they may have even paid her to.


She never seems to break character, fair.

And with the sort of bias we’ve come to expect from these ‘polls,’ we’re willing to bet that percentage is waaaaay higher.


About that …

She. Wasn’t. Even. There.

Dana Loesch was good enough to remind her of just that fact.

Remember when AOC claimed she was afraid they’d come after her?

And she wasn’t there?

Good times.

THERE it is.

AOC tried to come back at Dana … we’re not sure what she was thinking because Dana didn’t say she lied, and Dana is no longer part of the NRA.

This was all fail.

And you KNOW Dana responded:

No, no she did not.

Someone probably sent her that screenshot and said, ‘SEE?!?! YOU SHOULD USE THIS!’

And we all know AOC is desperate for attention.

This is why you never bring a knife to a gunfight with Dana.



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