We gotta say, we don’t hate this idea from Andrew Yang as we are not really ‘journalists’. Although, it might hurt us not to have ridiculous journalists like Brian Stelter and Taylor Lorenz to make fun of every day on Twitchy.

Andrew seems to think journalists should be banned from Twitter, especially after all of the drama we all witnessed firsthand from the Washington Post over the past week or so.

He made quite the case:

Ya’ think? Journalists should never become the story and yet more and more we find ourselves writing about them.

Again, not exactly a complaint from us Twitchy editors.

But if Brian Stelter isn’t giving people updates about what Fox News is doing wrong NOW however will we know otherwise?



Also fair.

Ding ding ding.

And cue the shrieking because you know, journalists are a protected class and how dare Yang even THINK about taking their Twitter away.


They both suck, Elie, but we digress.


Says the former journalist.

They’re such emotional little things.

We going to bet none of them are smart enough to realize they’re proving his point … over and over and over again.



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