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OOF, painful! SMART thread explains why Biden's extremely low numbers are even WORSE than we thought, especially compared to Trump

Even WITH constant media protection (adoration), Biden is sinking. Wow.

And that’s the point of this thread, Trump spent the first two years (Hell, all four years really) of his presidency under constant attack by the media, and even HE was more popular than Biden at this point in his presidency. But like the thread says, you really can’t compare the two.


Imagine if the media had protected Trump the same way they protect Biden? Well, he’d likely still be president.

But we digress …

This. ^

Trump drinks too many Diet Cokes in one day.


Biden likes chocolate chip ice cream.


Apples and oranges.

Or bananas?

We’ll have to check with CNN on that one.

Good point.

The Trump years taught us all to read past the headline, ask questions, and look into whether or not the crazy being reported was actually true. More times than not, it was fake.

Hence, fake news.


Teenage staffers.


And you know what, he’s right.

Biden’s presidency has really and truly unleashed hard times on this country while people were just constantly being told Trump WOULD unleash hard times.

Biden IS an authoritarian where people were just constantly told Trump would be.

The Left ended up with exactly the president they accused Trump of being … it would be hilariously ironic if it weren’t destroying the country.



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