Libs of TikTok has been locked AGAIN for sharing videos, fliers, images, etc. about various drag shows/events being put on across the country. Apparently, it’s ok to expose children to these events, just not to write about them. Well, tweet about them.

From the New York Post:

Seth Dillon, the CEO of the right-leaning satirical news site Babylon Bee who recently announced that he had provided financial backing to “Libs of TikTok” creator Chaya Raichik, tweeted on Wednesday that Twitter locked her out.

“BREAKING: Twitter just locked out @libsoftiktok for posting a thread about several recent drag shows for kids,” Dillon tweeted.

“The thread allegedly violates Twitter’s rules against ‘abuse and harassment’.”

“You know what’s actually abusive? Drag shows for kids.”

What he said.

Gosh, we’re shocked.

Truth hurts.

No kidding.

Sadly, that’s a great point.

What else would we expect?



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