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'Get SOME': Suburban women DRAG blue-check harpy who wants Democrats to 'scare the ever-loving sh*t' out of them for votes in 22

You know, if you have to ‘scare the ever-loving sh*t out of someone’ to somehow convince them to support or vote your way … you’re doing it wrong.


Rachel Bitecofer thinks this is a good way for Democrats to not get totally annihilated in 2022.

This is not a good person, good people don’t think like this, let alone tweet openly about it. But hey, she’s got the Ukrainian flag in her handle so clearly she cares and stuff.

Awful. Oh, and if she doesn’t think these same women are already TERRIFIED because of Biden and his inflation destroying this country we’ve got a bridge for sale. We get it, she wants to push the GUNS and ABORTION crap to deflect from the very real issues they’re facing at the pump and at the grocery store, but thinking this won’t work.

Nothing says you care about the country like pushing terror.


Oh, and she deleted this one:


Make them fear for their own kids’ lives.


Suburban women … are you paying attention yet?! This is what they did to elect Biden, they scared white suburban women.

Only to destroy the country and give the same white suburban women something to REALLY be afraid of.

And nothing they can say (and no amount of terror) will change that.


Slow clap.




Leftists are horrible.

Sorry, not sorry.



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