Peter Strzok knows he’s Peter Strzok, right? You know, the douchebag who was fired from the FBI for his unprofessional, biased, anti-Trump behavior? He also banged a coworker and was made famous by the ridiculous faces he made while being interviewed by Congress.

That he’s complaining about ANYONE ELSE pushing a false Russia narrative. C’MON MAN.

Talk about zero self-awareness.

And if anyone knows about getting out a false Russia narrative, it’s Peter.

Now, full transparency, it was very difficult to find tweets calling Peter out … and the reason is our brave, canned FBI agent is very block-happy and blocks most anyone who reminds him who he really is and what he’s done. But you know, this is what we do, so we found quite a few.

What he said.

Nobody ever accused Pete of being the brightest crayon in the box.

The sharpest tool in the shed.



We made a similar face.

This is an insult to clowns everywhere.

Empress of Chappaqua.


This. ^

OH WOW, we had no idea he was this bald. Welp, that explains a lot.

Also, in case you all need a refresher on how gross Peter really is:

But wait, there’s more.

Maybe Peter should avoid tweeting about Russia … just sayin’.



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