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Womp WOMP: Gun-grabber BIG MAD that 2A supporters freakin' LOVE his 'Ameriguns' thread showing KICK-A*S pics of people with their guns

This thread from rando Joey Johnson features pictures from ‘The Ameriguns’, by Gabriele Galimberti. Apparently, the artist originally wanted to ‘delve’ into the ‘unique and abysmal’ lives of gun owners in America, illustrating their fetishism with firearms. We assume Joey wanted to illustrate the same thing Galimberti wanted to by sharing the pictures from the project in a thread on Twitter … however, it didn’t really go the way he thought it would.


Oh sure, there are plenty of gun-grabbers shrieking and freaking out about these photos, but the number of Second Amendment enthusiasts and gun lovers LOVING the thread far outnumber them.

Guess you could say this totally BACKFIRED.

Ha ha ha.

Take a look.

Atta girl, Mia.

What’s really impressive about this picture is how organized all of the firearms are.

Good for Brandon, he should teach his sons how to shoot.

People REALLY like this one.

Yeah, we get it, hot chick and guns.

Hey, we know our audience.



What a great inheritance.

Honestly, we’re just shocked they can find ammunition.


God, guns, and family.

And he really thought this was a bad thing.

She set her guns up to look like a wave.

So cool.

A safe contained environment.


Is that HER gun room?



We like the serenity pillow and the sign about smiling.

Oh, and the guns are cool too.

Sorry, but we were informed guns are a white supremacy thing and stuff.

Look at that gold gun!

So, she likes to bathe in bubbles surrounded by safety.

We don’t see an issue with this.

It looks like a sun.

The Captain America t-shirt is a nice touch.


His guns are pretty damn nice too.

Yeah yeah yeah, hot chick in a bikini and guns.

God bless America.


Dr.  Strange!

Nice collection again.

This is actually just a great pic.

Love this.


Awwww, he made America out of his guns.


We’ve gotta pump those numbers up.


Poor dude.


Something like that.

GREAT stuff!



Oh honey, NO: Pam Keith claiming Roe ‘breathed life’ into constitutional rights to argue there IS no constitutional right to own a gun goes REALLY really wron

STILL fake: The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg tries ONCE AGAIN to push debunked hit-piece about Trump calling vets losers and suckers and HOOBOY

Walking, talking punchline Jennifer Rubin trips all over herself calling on Biden to attack the Right because unity is counterproductive or something

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