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'They say it's innocent. They LIE': Libs of TikTok shares 'MEGA DRAG THREAD' dropping each and EVERY 'groomer apologist'

Gosh, it’s almost as if Libs of TikTok has decided to call down the thunder on drag in schools since Taylor Lorenz tried to ruin her life for simply sharing videos she found on TikTok. Maybe they shouldn’t have ‘poked the bear’ because HOOBOY, this thread is something else.


There’s a legit reason communities are concerned.

We present to you a MEGA DRAG THREAD:

An event and a parade.


Alrighty then.

A BAR is advertising a drag show for children.



Local property taxes.

Again, children.


Kids. Tipping. Drag. Queens.



Imagination and play of gender fluidity of childhood.


Publicly funded.

Yikes again.

A church.

We got nothin’.


Bookmarked indeed.



Let the REEE’ing BEGIN! Elon Musk MOCKS corporations’ fake virtue-signaling with rainbow logos we’ll see in June and Lefties LOSE IT

DAMN good thread of ‘lesser discussed issues’ adding to mental illness in young men DEBUNKS Left’s claim that it’s just THE GUNS

Can’t make this UP (LOL)! NBC reports Biden ‘rattled’ by how unpopular he is, resents aides correcting his ‘clear and succinct’ statements

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