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Hillary Clinton's message to 'parents scrambling for baby formula' praising the Biden admin for saving the day BACKFIRES

Crediting Biden for fixing a problem he created by BEGGING Europe for baby formula is not the win you think it is, Hill-dawg.

And maybe it’s just us, but her tone is crazy condescending to ‘parents scrambling for baby formula.’ Like, ‘Don’t worry, little people, your king who is responsible for this mess is doing very little to fix it but hey, that’s still helping so quit your whining.’


She so badly wants to receive love and adoration for announcing this … which tells us all how absolutely out of touch and awful she really and truly is.

Half a million bottles.

There are 3.75 million babies in America, 65% of them on baby formula.

And she calls that ‘help.’ She probably cheered him tapping our emergency oil reserve.

A planeload of formula that won’t even make it to shelves because it’s all going to doctors and pharmacies.

Offers to SELL you crutches.


Hmmm indeed.

There it is.

Hillary is the herpes of politics.

Guess people are still pissed about that whole Russia/Trump LIE Hillary was very clearly overseeing.


Charlie Foxtrot does sum up this administration nicely.

Now let’s see if they do anything about it.

We’re not holding our breath.



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