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'She's OLD, she gets cold': Taylor Lorenz posting pic of her thermostat set at 90 pisses both the Right AND the Left off

Taylor Lorenz may well be the most despised person on social media.

And nothing says, ‘Look at me! Look at me!’ like talking about how you set your thermostat at 90 degrees like that’s not totally insane.


Case in point:

See?! She really IS nutty! She told us!

Then she goes on to point out how miserable and hot it’s going to be in D.C.

This is such a strange thread of tweets.


That seems to fit her.

And as usual, with most anything and everything Taylor seems to post, people dragged her for this. Hey, she’s earned all of it.

It all finally makes sense.


Oh, and people dragging her for this aren’t just on the Right. Seems there is plenty of dislike to go around …

And yet, it still works.

Read the ROOM, Taylor.



She’s literally killing all of the polar bears and stuff.

And considering how insane most people are these days that’s really saying something.

Careful, she’ll start crying. Or she might try and dox someone, you just never can tell.



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