Democrats keep claiming it’s not Joe Biden’s fault our gas prices could top $10 a gallon this summer, but then you see something like this back and forth between Senator Joe Manchin and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland about canceling oil drilling leases and you realize it absolutely is their fault.

This is nuts.


‘My God,’ is right. Keep in mind, Manchin is a Democrat.

Granted, he’s the only sane Democrat but still …

He rendered her speechless.

As much as we hate to say it, we don’t think it’s Biden’s war on American energy, we think it’s whoever is behind Biden’s war on American energy. Thinking his name rhymes with Your Mama. Gosh, you guys remember the last time our gas prices were this high? Who was in office?

And now the old racist white guy he seemed to resent while he was president can take the fall for what he really wanted to do.


And he’ll be one of the few who actually keeps his job this November.

This is an insult to wrecks everywhere.

Right before the midterms.




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