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Nice TRY, dbag: Eric Swalwell makes an a*s of himself AGAIN, this time sharing texts from supposed Republican San Franciscan restaurant owner

It’s cute watching Democrats like Eric Swalwell pretend it was COVID that destroyed the small businesses of millions of Americans and not Democrat-led state governments that actually did the damage.


We suppose he has to find a way to blame Republicans for what they did (like the bill Democrats put together around baby formula knowing Republicans wouldn’t support it), but unfortunately for Eric, far too many people have been paying attention.

And it ain’t lookin’ good for any of them at this point.

Man, we’ve been writing about Eric a lot lately, and that’s NOT a good sign for him.

Oh, and nobody believes this is real … wonder if he’ll post a picture of this restaurant owner with a bow in his hair watching the news on CNN.

A San Franciscan Republican? REALLY DUDE?



Probably because midterms are looking SO bad they’re trying everything and anything to keep their base in the dark to how crappy their policies and actions really are.

So many Republicans in San Francisco.


Gosh, it doesn’t look like anyone is buying Eric’s ‘texts’ from a San Franciscan Republican.

We feel shocked.



OMG (lol)! Blue-check claiming J6 ‘rioters’ toured the Capitol on January 5 to ‘case the joint’ PROVING it was an inside job hilariously BACKFIRES

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Elon Musk says he’s a moderate who’s NEVER voted Republican but for the first time EVER, he will be and Lefties come even more unglued (watch)

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