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'Literally too DUMB to insult': Joy Reid jumps the shark AND goes off the tracks in crazy bigoted claim about 'National Forced Birth Law'

Joy Reid has got to be the dumbest pundit on MSNBC … and considering we’re talking about MSNBC, that’s impressive. Heh. Technically, that could very well make her the dumbest pundit of all considering even CNN is a little bit brighter than MSNBC.


Not much.

But a little.

Apparently, Joy seems to think the SCOTUS putting abortion regs back to the states will somehow magically result in a national forced birth law. FORGET the very reason they’re reversing Roe is that this should be at the state level and a national forced abortion law wouldn’t pass ESPECIALLY with this ruling but let’s not pretend Joy actually understands what any of this means.

This is nutty:

Oh, and then she got seriously bigoted attacking Christians AND Muslims.

It takes a lot of effort to be this gross and dense:



Does she really think the only people who are pro-life are religious? Or that any of this would be tolerated?

Don’t answer those questions.



She managed to offend … most everybody.

Atta girl.

They are losing their minds.


Holy crap.

We knew we weren’t dealing with the brightest crayons in the box on the Left but wow.


And that’s saying A LOT.



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