We guess you could say people were less than impressed with Karine Jean-Pierre’s first appearance as Joe Biden’s press secretary. She did seem to struggle quite a bit with answering basic questions and engaging the media in a meaningful way.

Not to mention she spent a good deal of time talking about herself while claiming this wasn’t about her.

Oh, and did we mention she has something in common with her boss, Sleepy Joe?


Little Red Lying Hood would glance down at her book and oftentimes would flip through it while listening to a question, but we don’t really remember her (or any press secretary) reading from the actual book before. Sort of like how they built a fake Oval Office for ol’ Joe since they can’t put a permanent teleprompter in the real one.



Something like that.

But she’s the right color, sex, and persuasion for their identity check-boxes, dagummit!

It really was just an absolute hot mess.

This is gonna be fun.

Biden sure can pick ’em. Ok, so we’re kidding, Biden probably doesn’t even know he’s president, let alone who his press secretary is now.



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