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You KNOW the baby formula shortage is BAD for Biden when his handy-dandy water-carriers (aka fact-checkers) show up all at once to DEFEND him

When you see several major media outlets and all the so-called fact-checkers come out to debunk something around the same time you know it’s really hurting the puppet in the White House. The baby formula shortage is only the latest complete and total fail for the Biden administration. Honestly, we’re just shocked these neo-maxi-zoom-dweebies aren’t somehow blaming Putin for the shortage.


We probably shouldn’t give them any ideas.

You’ll notice they’re all basically saying the same things over and over and over and over again to prove Biden isn’t responsible for families struggling to feed their babies all across the country.


Awww, misleading partisan attacks.


So we’re pouncing? Oh, and it’s the pandemic’s fault … sure.

Guys, we all know if Trump were president right now and there was a baby formula shortage they’d be shrieking about this being ALL HIS FAULT.


Biden is failing in an economic way. Heck, the guy is failing in every way.

And now

Ok, so they’re not blaming the pandemic, they’re blaming buyer habits.


It’s snopes we’re talking about here.

Ding ding freakin’ ding.

Then PolitiFact jumped in:

Ok, so there is a shortage but by law, Biden has to give a bunch of baby formula to the border even if that means Americans can’t feed their babies.


Alrighty then.


This wouldn’t be a fact-check debacle without WaPo:



Holy crap.

And then finally, our pals with AP.

THERE it is.

Republicans are AIMING to retake control of Congress so they’re blaming Democrats for all of the things they should actually be taking care of since they’re in charge right now.

That’s really their take.



Say it ain’t so!



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