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Elon Musk says he's a moderate who's NEVER voted Republican but for the first time EVER, he will be and Lefties come even more unglued (watch)

Biden is so horrible he’s inspired Elon Musk to vote for a Republican. ATTA BOY, SLEEPY JOE.

Watch this.


Now, we knew he’s a moderate (he’s never once said he’s a conservative or even a libertarian) but we didn’t know he hadn’t ever voted for a Republican. And hearing him talk about voting for a Republican for the first time is pretty damn cool.

Biden is red-pilling more people than any Right-leaning group, org, pundit, politician, or social media account.


Oh, and we think Elon’s pissed about Twitter allowing bots to manipulate users to see and hear only one political side.

Of Biden he has said …

Elon has been very open about how the Democratic Party has left him (and so many others). Years ago Democrats were about unions, and taxes, and your typical Left-wing agenda. Now they push craziness that has started turning their normal base away … the AOC’s have done away with the Jim Webb’s, and the Nancy Pelosi’s are just trying to tread water until they retire OR in Nancy’s case, someone dumps a bucket of water on her.


Oh, and as usual, Elon speaks or tweets and the Left loses it:

C’mon dude.

Yeah, so there.

Awww, that’s right. Paying $11 billion in taxes wasn’t enough.

WTF do these people mean by fair share?


Tax cuts that benefitted 80% of all Americans.

Fixed it for them.


They’re so mad.

This is gonna be fun!



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