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CNN Hall Monitor Brian Stelter seems GIDDY sharing Schumer's letter to Fox News telling them to STOP reporting on 'Great Replacement Theory'

Brian Stelter couldn’t WAIT to post the letter Sen. Chuck Schumer sent to Fox News execs urging them to ‘immediately cease the reckless amplification of the Great Replacement Theory.’


Think about that for a minute, Tater is happy the government is telling a media outlet what to report on.

What a damn tattle:

Brian knows he works for CNN, right?

Oh, and as usual, he’s turned off the replies to his tweet.

Guess he didn’t want to answer for this:


Does that mean Chuckles will be writing them a letter as well?

Gosh, we bet he doesn’t.

He knows much more about what is happening at Fox News.


Sad, ain’t it?

That’s the scary part.


They’d lose their freakin’ minds.

Wonder if Chuck sent a letter like this to MSNBC after James Hodgkinson shot up the baseball field of Republicans. Remember, he said he LOVED her show.



And Tater is cool with it.



You KNOW the baby formula shortage is BAD for Biden when his handy-dandy water-carriers (aka fact-checkers) show up all at once to DEFEND him

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