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BOMBSHELL: Twitter employee spills the Twitter beans about censoring the Right and fearing Elon Musk in DAMNING Project Veritas video (watch)

We knew they hated Elon and we knew they were censoring the Right but HOOBOY.

This Twitter employee couldn’t wait to spill the beans on his own company. You’d think by now, considering he works for a social media GIANT, he might be aware of Project Veritas and how they go undercover to expose big tech but … apparently not.


The dude was more than happy to talk about how they deliberately censor the Right (mainly because they know the intolerant Left will LEAVE THE PLATFORM if they don’t), how much they hate Elon Musk, and how far left left left the company really is.

You’ve gotta watch this:


Wow, right?

Oh, and we like how he only worked four hours or so every WEEK for a whole quarter.

And we wonder why Twitter sucks so much. Heh.


If only that were true. We keep seeing all sorts of pieces exposing big tech for being biased, politically corrupt, a-holes and at this point, the closest we’ve come to seeing anything done about it is Elon Musk trying to buy Twitter WHICH may not happen now that he knows at least 1 in 5 Twitter users is a bot.


Let that sink in.

And hilariously, they think THEY’RE the good guys.



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