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Complete POS: Gov. Phil Murphy wastes NO TIME exploiting Buffalo shooting to trash people of faith and push gun control in shameful thread

Like any good Democrat, Gov. Phil Murphy can’t let the Buffalo shooting tragedy go to waste. We’re honestly shocked he waited almost a whole 48 hours before hopping on Twitter to write a super emotional and unoriginal AF thread trashing people who pray for those who have been harmed and exploit a horrible situation and lives lost in Buffalo.

This is about as crap as you’d expect from a guy who came THIS CLOSE to losing in November last year.

Pitiful expressions of thoughts and prayers.

Grow a soul, Phil.

Huh, wonder which party is in charge of these cities, Phil.

Ugh, they are trying so hard to paint the self-proclaimed leftist authoritarian as right wing.

It’s pathetic.

Probably because they see this as a glimmer of hope in November … but nah. Most people aren’t stupid enough to fall for this, and Phil learned that the hard way when he ALMOST LOST in November of 21.

In a very blue state.

Blah blah blah.

Oh good, add a few more laws to the tens of thousands of laws already on the books regulating guns. That’ll do it!

There’s a reason this guy almost lost.



Can’t make this UP: Biden’s GENIUS plan leading up to midterms is to stop being SOOO bipartisan and start attacking the GOP

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‘Waukesha says HI’: Biden tweeting about traveling with Jill to Buffalo ‘to grieve with the community’ does NOT go well, like at all


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