We’re starting to think Liz Cheney has accepted her inevitable removal from representing the good state of Wyoming and has decided to embrace her newfound left-leaning right-hating supporters because wow … this is nasty. Forget the Buffalo shooter’s manifesto is filled with his respect for socialism and his hatred for all things on the Right, Liz just had to use this tragedy to rile up her frothy-mouthed base who not even two years ago hated her more than her dad.

Politics destroys people.


How far Liz has fallen.

Abhorrent and utterly disqualifying is putting it nicely.

Our guess is Liz is auditioning for an analyst gig with CNN.

At least.

Oof, not even good enough for CNN?

Lowest of the low.

Nah, she’s far too busy trashing her own party so she keeps getting invited on the talk-show circuit and of course to all of the BEST D.C. parties.




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