Hey guys, in case you missed it, Kamala Harris wants us to work together. Heh.

What’s REALLY horrible about this is that it looks like this was a prepared speech and that she wasn’t actually trying to improvise as she went along. Granted, she may have gone off-script or lost her place with the script but WHOA MAMA, this is bad.

Watch this:

She’s. Just. Not. Good. At. This.

And so damn unlikable.

What do you guys wanna bet the entire audience cringed as she ranted and rambled on about working together over and over and over again? Gonna guess her handlers told her, ‘Kamala, we want to put forward a message of global cooperation so you really need to hit that home,’ or something along those lines.


Passage of time.

We’d forgotten that one.

She has a history of repeating the same damn thing over and over and over and over again in her speeches.

That’s a good question.




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