Braun begs to become the Bud Light of beard trimmers
Tucker on X, Episode 25: Ken Paxton breaks his silence
Biden administration cuts razor wire in Texas meant to stop illegal crossings
Actual victim blaming: Ohio cops in hot water for response to 11-year-old grooming...
'Just say no': Seth Dillon NAILS IT explaining 'preferred' pronouns
'Start with congress first': Adam Schiff's attempt to shame SCOTUS backfires BIG TIME
Cops arrest New Yorkers blocking a busload of illegal immigrants from unloading
To cringe or not to cringe: White House drops meme in agreement with...
YOU did this: Biden admin faces 'anti-vaccine sentiment' and Twitter/X knows who to...
Who's ready for story time with Kamala Harris?
Rumble responds to U.K. Parliament's letter to their CEO about Russell Brand and...
Child dies of fentanyl exposure at NYC daycare, three other children recovering
Report: FBI lost track of how many paid informants it had at the...
Donald Trump says Megyn Kelly got a little 'nasty' during his interview
Harry Sisson says don't let Republicans tell you that Kamala Harris isn't liked

Blue-check DNC member's claim about hate and bigotry he saw on a bathroom wall at his 'favorite minority-owned biz' sets off EVERY BS detector EVER

In case you all hadn’t noticed, Democrats (and by default Leftists and Progressives) know November looks worse and worse for them. From the staggering inflation to the crisis at the border to uncontrolled gun violence … their leadership is certainly lacking. They’re losing Independents, the Hispanic vote – they’re in trouble.


So we’re going to see them really try and ramp up the OMG THE RIGHT IS HATEFUL AND BIGOTED nonsense over the next several months.

That, and abortion, is really all they have to run on.

Sad, right?

The Right is filled with so much hate these yahoos have to make more up.

Yeah, nobody believes him. You’d think with the prevalence of cellphones the guy could have at least grabbed a pic, right?



If not, it should be.

And so on.



Complete POS: Gov. Phil Murphy wastes NO TIME exploiting Buffalo shooting to trash people of faith and push gun control in shameful thread

Can’t make this UP: Biden’s GENIUS plan leading up to midterms is to stop being SOOO bipartisan and start attacking the GOP

‘Abhorrent, UTTERLY disqualifying’: Mollie Hemingway DECIMATES ‘woke’ Liz Cheney for accusing House GOP leaders of enabling ‘white supremacy’

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