Like any good Democrat, Gov. Phil Murphy can’t let the Buffalo shooting tragedy go to waste. We’re honestly shocked he waited almost a whole 48 hours before hopping on Twitter to write a super emotional and unoriginal AF thread trashing people who pray for those who have been harmed and exploit a horrible situation and lives lost in Buffalo.

This is about as crap as you’d expect from a guy who came THIS CLOSE to losing in November last year.

Pitiful expressions of thoughts and prayers.

Grow a soul, Phil.

Huh, wonder which party is in charge of these cities, Phil.

Ugh, they are trying so hard to paint the self-proclaimed leftist authoritarian as right wing.

It’s pathetic.

Probably because they see this as a glimmer of hope in November … but nah. Most people aren’t stupid enough to fall for this, and Phil learned that the hard way when he ALMOST LOST in November of 21.

In a very blue state.

Blah blah blah.

Oh good, add a few more laws to the tens of thousands of laws already on the books regulating guns. That’ll do it!

There’s a reason this guy almost lost.



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