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'Woke Tom Nichols will never NOT be funny': RedSteeze OWNS Expert™ Tom Nichols for claiming it's 'a young, white male shooter' every time

Oh good, Tom Nichols chimed in on another breaking news story … said no one, literally ever.

Didn’t this guy use to actually know some things about some stuff? Yeah?


We get it, Tom has a new Left-leaning Right-hating audience to pander to but c’mon man.

Every time.

Not just most of the time or some of the time.

EVERY time.



Even The Values Voter corrected him:

That didn’t stop other white guys from saying stupid stuff on Tom’s tweet though.

Ummm …




Every. Time.



Gonna bet that’s a no.


RedSteeze can never seem to resist dropping Twitter’s resident expert.

So NOT every time.

Gosh, whoda thunk it?


Cash those checks, Tom.



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