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'LIAR': Candace Owens pre-releases footage to debunk Patrisse Cullors' LIE she harassed her at one of her #BLM mansions (watch)

BLM’s Patrisse Cullors claimed Candace Owens harassed her at her home during a tear-filled video. She made it sound like Candace showed up, demanded to be let in, demanded an interview, and harassed her. The tears, the woe is me, the MY POOR FAMILY … you’ve gotta be kidding us.


Luckily, Candace has the RECEIPTS.

Watch this.

Candace was polite.

Nobody answered her.

She offered to leave and literally said they weren’t there to harass her.

Just. Wow.


It’s AOK to harass them at home but if Candace shows up at the security gate of ONE of the BLM mansions that’s somehow not ok?

Hypocrites much?



We snort-laughed.



One. Heartbeat. Away: Kamala Harris wants us to work together to work together and then work together some more in HOT MESS of a speech (watch)

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