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Rob Reiner claims Republicans don't respect women, trips SPECTACULARLY over his own tweets trashing Republican women

Rob Reiner says it’s simple.

Republicans don’t respect women.

Don’t be too hard on Rob over his tweet … he’s about as bright as a dim yellow bulb. Sorry, he’s not even really that bright. What’s dimmer than a dim yellow bulb?

THAT’S him.

You’d think he’d have bothered to go through his own timeline checking for tweets where he was openly disrespecting women himself before making such a claim but nope. We suppose in his empty little noggin Republican women deserved to be treated how he treated them.

Right, Meathead?

So respectful.


Boy, he really trashed Susan Collins over Kavanaugh … attacking a woman because he was mad about a man being nominated by Trump.

Pretty sure Rob has zero place babbling about a ‘woman’s pain’. Especially because Blasey-Ford was a liar.

And of course, he trashed Melania Trump.

And he went after Ivanka Trump.

Yeah, Meathead is a real charmer.




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