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Point. And. LAUGH: Glenn Greenwald hilariously mocks Cenk Uygur for BIZARRE rant about Joe Rogan having sex with trans people

So … we’re not sure WTF is going on here in this video of Cenk Uygur ranting about Joe Rogan having sex with trans people and asking them to reach out to him with their stories but it’s sadly very on-brand for Cenk. Perhaps he’s just trying to get Rogan to mention him on his show (free advertising and whatnot) but really, all he’s doing is making himself look even nuttier than usual.


Cenk, dude, wtf?

You know there’s a Biden crack pipe joke to be made here but we can’t quite figure it out.

Oh, wait, we just did.

This can’t be true … right?






We’re not sure what his assertion really is.

Hey, we remember that.

Sums Cenk up, yup.



Kamala Harris anything BUT clear saying she wants to BE CLEAR in video shaming Senate for not passing bill allowing abortion up to 40 weeks (watch)

WTAF did we just read?! Insane-o thread provides a GLIMPSE into the true batsh*ttery of the pro-abort’s mind

Hot mess ALERT: TX Dem Gene Wu argues the POORS shouldn’t have #SchoolChoice, then tries DELETING tweet trashing public schools (we got it)

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