You guys think Kamala Harris knows the majority of pro-life advocates are women? Ok, it’s not like Kamala actually knows much about anything, so that wasn’t really a fair question.

But hey, she wanted to be clear when she took time to record herself shaming the Senate for not passing a bill that would have made abortion legal for up to 40 weeks.


We’re getting serious ‘Mommie Dearest’ vibes from this video. Any minute now she’s going to hold up a hanger and shriek, ‘NO WIRE HANGERS … EVERRRRRRRRR!’

And then she’ll force us to clean the bathroom or something.

Man, she is just not likable, at all.

And she hath sucketh.


She’s really trying … right?

Without lying we’re not sure she’d have all that much to add to any conversation.


Indeed they do.



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