There have been times when we’ve been reading through AOC’s timeline and we’ve thought to ourselves, ‘She has to be some sort of plant by the Republican Party because NOBODY is this consistently DENSE.’ Welp, we’re starting to wonder this about Texas Democrat Gene Wu as well.

Woof, dude.

Remember this guy? He ran away from his job as a representative, took a bunch of weird pictures of food at the airport … and now he’s arguing that poor children who are trapped in bad school districts by teacher’s unions shouldn’t have the opportunities that he did.

Not a great argument, right?

No, Gene, people are mad because you’re a flaming hypocrite who doesn’t understand what school choice really looks like. THAT or we know you’re just a paid-for union shill protecting the unions instead of the students.

Oh, and of course his kids go to private school.

Either way, double woof.

So low-income families can’t prepare their children to qualify for these private schools? Is he saying low-income students are too stupid to go to private school? Someone should educate Wu on the soft bigotry of low expectations.

Ding ding ding.

Oh, and did we mention Gene was going after people and insulting their public school education?


He tried deleting it but as we all know, tweets are FOREVER.

Wow, Gene is so bad at this. HA HA HA HA HA HA


Corey DeAngelis chimed in as well:

So you’d think Wu would support efforts to make sure all children have the same opportunities as his, right? It seems crazy that anyone would ever argue against giving students the best education possible …

Democrats love private schools.

For themselves.

For the poor kiddos who are trapped in crap school districts with crappier teachers by the teacher’s unions, not so much.



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