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WTAF did we just read?! Insane-o thread provides a GLIMPSE into the true batsh*ttery of the pro-abort's mind

Usually, when we cover a thread that doesn’t need much commentary it’s because the thread is just that good HOWEVER, it would appear the same can be said when a thread is just that bad. Granted, we can’t even begin to claim we have any real understanding of what this Sophie Lewis person is babbling about, but it only seems fair that if we have to read it, so do you.


You’re welcome.

Pretty sure she’s against any sort of regulation around abortion.


Not just a leftist magazine, but an attractive one.


Rejection of work. You can see where this is going already, right?

Withdrawal from gestating.



Or you know, just call it abortion.

Well, they tried.

And failed.

Yup, Democrats failed.

Being pro-life makes someone a ghoul?


Make no mistake, this is some serious batsh*ttery.

No. They don’t.


Nobody is destined for prison but you know, she’s rolling so … yeah.

We saw Proletarian Gestators open for the Raging Beavers in 99.



People who gestate.

Or, you know, women.

Manufacturing a fetus.


We think she’s saying capitalism bad.


You know, this would be an easier thread to read if she just called women, women.

Fragile whites.

Despotic fetal tissue.

Dafuq are we reading?! LOL


Gestator’s decision to unmake life.

Yeah, we got nothin’.

We knew a thread from a pro-abort would be nutty but WOW.



Hot mess ALERT: TX Dem Gene Wu argues the POORS shouldn’t have #SchoolChoice, then tries DELETING tweet trashing public schools (we got it)

‘#AmericaLast is SO on-brand for this admin’: Illegal migrants at the border getting ‘pallets’ of hard-to-find baby formula (photos)

Receipt-filled thread with inflation timeline showing NUMEROUS lies Biden told to keep the blame off himself just DEVASTATING to Democrats

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