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Chuckles is LOSING it: Schumer threatens Americans with EVIL MAGA Repubs who will arrest doctors and women if they don't vote for Dems and LOL (watch)

Gosh, Schumer seems cranky after failing to make abortion even more legally abhorrent in the United States. His claim that MAGA Republicans will arrest doctors and women over abortions if they don’t vote for Democrats sounds almost as nutty as that rando who claimed some group of people (she never did say who) want to force women to take pregnancy tests before traveling out of state.


Yeah, Democrats are losing it.

Watch this:


And they expect Americans to believe this.

You know what’s scary is about a third of Americans DO.

Yeah, that should keep us all up at night.

Democrats are in trouble.

Desperate even. If they really wanted to codify Roe they should have just tried for that, but instead, they tried pushing some crazy-awful law that would allow abortion for any reason and at any time up until birth or 40 weeks. Manchin said he could not support the insane bill.


And thank goodness for him.

*shakes fist*




‘PURE eugenics’: Dem Rep. Katie Porter claims #Bidenflation REINFORCES need for abortion and WOW that’s a lotta backfire (watch)

‘Just how DUMB are they’?! Rando claims ‘they’ are talking about making women take a pregnancy test BEFORE leaving their state annnd OMG-LOL

‘Having trouble feeding your infant? HA HA HA’: Amy Siskind mocking everyday Americans who can’t find baby formula goes OH so very wrong

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