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Tissue?! People point and laugh at Dean Obeidallah for whining that Democrats control WH, Senate, and House and they still keep LOSING

Gosh, Dean Obeidallah seems upset that even though Democrats control the White House, Senate, and House they still can’t seem to force their policies on Americans.

Is it mean to mock Dean’s pain?

Eh, we don’t care if it is.

Awww, poor Dean.

Maybe if Democrats’ policies and ideas weren’t ridiculously childish and didn’t actually crash and burn when looked at in the real world people would be more supportive. We hate to break it to Dean, but Democrats have gotten plenty of crap done, and it’s why the country looks the way it does.

See Biden.


They know November is going to be ugly.

Oh, and him blaming the media is HI-LAR-IOUS.

All hat and no cattle.

That is so accurate.

We’re certainly not shedding any tears over it.

Editor’s note: We had to adjust our headline, Democrats control the White, Senate, and House. – sj



WOOF! You KNOW Pam Keith’s viral tweet about TN banning Plan B was SERIOUS BS when even CNN fact-checks her (she deleted, we got it)

‘ThIs Is NoT a DrIlL!’ Eric Swalwell out-stupids HIMSELF with claim Republicans are ‘COMING FOR YOUR CONTRACEPTION’

And THIS is why they’re FREAKIN’ out: Elon Musk says the quiet part OUT LOUD about Twitter’s ‘strong left-wing bias’


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