Like other Democrats, Pam Keith has no idea WTF she’s talking about. Especially when it comes to the possibility of Roe being overturned. We knew folks of the Leftist persuasion were emotional, thin-skinned, irrational, uninformed little creatures but HOLY MOLY, they have seriously jumped the shark while riding a train off the rails over this development.

Pam claimed Tennessee banned Plan B and made it a crime punishable by a $50k fine to order it.

Yeah, she thought that was real.


And c’mon, if Daniel Dale is fact-checking her?

You know it’s some serious BS.

Unfortunately, the fact-checking she finally took seriously enough to delete her crap tweet didn’t get done until the rhetoric had gone fairly viral, so there are now a lot of frothy-mouthed uninformed harpies who are even frothier and more uninformed.

Yay, Twitter.

Imagine if Pam had done just a teensy bit of research before sending her tweet.

Crazy, we know.

So unless the person who wants Plan B is too damn lazy to go in and see the doctor, they can still get it.

Not banned.

Just like how abortion won’t be banned when Roe is overturned but we digress.

Easily debunked.

We suppose we should actually be grateful Pam couldn’t be bothered to do any research … it’s great Twitchy fodder.



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