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Cenk Uygur DRAGGED, dropped, then dragged AGAIN for bizarre take on why he thinks Repubs are REALLY obsessed with helping the 'pre-born'

Cenk Uygur thinks he’s figured out why Republicans are ‘obsessed’ with helping the pre-born.

Pre-born, isn’t that cute?

It’s not that we care about protecting the most vulnerable or that we cherish life … no no.


It’s because when they’re in the womb they could still be a boy.

No, he seriously tweeted that.

We know, he’s a toad, and not a bright one at that.

Cenk, dude, put the free Biden crack pipe DOWN.

Has this guy never heard of an ultrasound? Most people know what the sex of their unborn kiddo is pretty early in the pregnancy.

Remember just a couple of weeks ago when people like Cenk didn’t want us even using the word women because it might upset men who think they’re women? Yeah …




Meep meep.

No, no he does not realize that.

It really is.

There it is.




Tissue?! People point and laugh at Dean Obeidallah for whining that Democrats control WH, Senate, and House and they still keep LOSING

WOOF! You KNOW Pam Keith’s viral tweet about TN banning Plan B was SERIOUS BS when even CNN fact-checks her (she deleted, we got it)

‘ThIs Is NoT a DrIlL!’ Eric Swalwell out-stupids HIMSELF with claim Republicans are ‘COMING FOR YOUR CONTRACEPTION’

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