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'White liberals like YOU race-bait': GOP Texan Wesley Hunt DROPS Eric Swalwell in HEATED back and forth for claiming GOP will ban interracial marriage

As Twitchy readers MORE than know, Eric Swalwell is truly a boil on the butt of humanity. We’re not sure what purpose this guy serves on Twitter other than trolling because we haven’t seen him actually act as an elected official on the platform … maybe ever.


Eric is likely starting to really get desperate with his rhetoric because he knows if (and when) Republicans take the House in November he’s in trouble because you just know there are some ticked off members of the GOP persuasion who can’t wait to investigate this guy for his allegedly inappropriate relationship with a Chinese spy.

Yes, Republicans will totally ban interracial marriage.


This didn’t go over well at all BUT this from Wesley Hunt, a GOP Congressional nominee from Texas, was pretty damn epic.

Who happens to also be in an interracial marriage.

White liberals like yourself race-bait.

There it is.

Eric responded:


No no, his problem is with you, Sparky.

Well, damn.

Fair point.


It’s all they got …

Eric done stepped in it this time.



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