So, Jill Filipovic wrote a really stupid thread about how Roe benefitted deadbeat dads who may not have been able to have ‘adventures’ if women hadn’t been allowed to abort all of their unwanted children. Yeah, it was really a stupid thread that many of us sort of pointed and laughed at because c’mon, Jill doesn’t care about men.

And New York Times’s Ross Douthat responded to that thread, pointing out some honestly pretty negative things that have happened with men since Roe. Granted, if you don’t care about family and have warped ideas about the patriarchy this likely won’t resonate.

Yeah, Roe hasn’t been good for men either. Shocking, we know.

Gosh, you’d think the murder of the unborn would have such a positive effect on society, ya’ know?

And as you can imagine, the pro-aborts lost their damn minds over his tweet.

The irony of a 57-year-old woman babbling about toxic masculinity and posting a lame meme about not having sex with Republicans. C’mon, let’s not pretend any Republican man is going to lose sleep over not having sex with this harpy.

Reading the replies, it’s as if they don’t realize he was responding to Jill’s claims about men’s lives being better without their unwanted children:

You know she’s fun at birthday parties.


John Legend.

Because of course.


Hope the pro-abort chicks give you all the props for this tweet, Patrick.

Holy Hell.

Totally missing the point which means their flexes aren’t the flexes they think they are.

But let’s not pretend any of them are actually debating with any sort of good faith. It’s always about the emotional freak out … it’s what they do.



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