Sounds like ‘new disinformation’ just dropped. Cue the Ministry of Truth’s Mary Poppins …

Talk about a hot mess:

Gender tropes.

Racist tropes.


Except, Nina, those stories about Kamala and Ilhan aren’t exactly false and we’re pretty sure Russians didn’t make Kamala hook up with Willie Brown.

Russia Russia Russia.

This all feels like it should be some sort of joke from The Babylon Bee, right?

But no, this is the person the Biden administration thinks should be in charge of ‘disinformation.’ Notice how she’s only pointing out disinformation to defend a certain party.

Yeah, well, we knew that.

If Trump had formed a group like this the Left would have lost their ever-loving minds.

Look at her roll those eyes and flap those hands. How anyone can take her seriously about anything is insane.

Do AnD tHiNk As YoU’rE tOlD, serf!



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