So apparently there is a Trans Journalist Association. Hey, who knew?

And since the BIG news is Roe v. Wade right now, and Democrats magically remembered women are women (briefly for political reasons), this association felt it was important to write a thread about the appropriate way to talk about this topic since you know, men can have abortions now too.

Yeah, we made the same face. We’ve gone from, ‘No uterus no opinion,’ to ‘MEN CAN HAVE ABORTIONS TOO.’

It’s exhausting.

And speaking of exhausting:

No, they don’t.

Science. But whatever.

Ya’ think?

Oh, but it gets dumber.

In many contexts, completely dehumanize the person by ignoring that women get pregnant.


Women’s health care is women’s health care.

Right up there they say use women, but then they don’t want to talk about women’s health care.

Ok, SMOD, any day now.

We despise the term ‘cisgender.’


Say. Women.

Or you know, you don’t have to.

Alrighty then.

Can you imagine answering that phone all day long? Yeah … no thanks.

Fair question.

And one we think we’d all like an answer to.



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