Former Biden senior advisor Symone Sanders is fussy about the 6ft fences that have gone up outside SCOTUS. She thinks people who are ‘rightfully upset’ should be able to protest on the steps, and under normal circumstances, she might even have a point.

But this is 2022 and the Left’s idea of protesting looks a lot like rioting.

Just sayin’.

Guess Symone thinks an insurrection is ok when her side wants to do it.

Maybe she missed how pro-aborts behaved when Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for SCOTUS? Not to mention we know these activists have threatened to protest SCOTUS justices at home and mothers at churches this weekend so c’mon, there is clearly a credible and real threat.

As for January 6, if she’s fussy because there were no fences up then, she should talk to Nancy Pelosi.

So yeah, ask Nancy.


Poor dear.


… the White House she used to work for encouraged it.


And true.



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