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'Attack the Right, gain credibility': Kick-A*S thread on how the 'evangelical elite' treat the Left versus the Right a must-read

This is one of those threads that is so damn good we really don’t have much to add … that of course, won’t stop us from rambling on and on but yeah.


This is how the elite stays elite, at least in their small minds.

It’s long but well worth the time to read so grab a snack.


Keep going.

And they love bringing on any Republican who has turned against their party.

See Liz Cheney.

See Adam Kinzinger.

See Mitt Romney.

It’s your fault you don’t like their ideas so you should be a better person or something.




The Right made them do it ya’ know!


This. So much this. ^ Dude nailed it.


It’s the world’s fault when the Left screws up.

A lot of those grand conspiracies from the Right seem to be coming to fruition. Crazy, we know.

The ‘ists.’

Told you guys this is good.

Austere scholar ring any bells?


Told you.

Spot freakin’ on.



‘TERRORIZING his family’: Justice Kavanaugh’s neighbor, teacher Lacie Wooten-Holway, organized protest outside of his home

Lady, what are you SMOKIN’?! Blue-check claiming GOP states plan to ‘criminally investigate’ miscarriages does NOT go well

‘White liberals like YOU race-bait’: GOP Texan Wesley Hunt DROPS Eric Swalwell in HEATED back and forth for claiming GOP will ban interracial marriage

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