Gotta love how pro-aborts exploit miscarriages to defend abortion.

Ya’ know, if reversing Roe is as horrible as they say it would be, they wouldn’t have to keep making this crap up. But the reality is that many people who support Roe don’t really understand what happens when it’s overturned. It simply puts the legality of abortion back on the states.

That’s it.

Abortion is not banned.

And we are not seeing ANYTHING about any states criminally investigating miscarriages.


We aren’t holding our breath.

Although, if we’re being honest, her tweet did exactly what she wanted because the frothy-mouthed pro-aborts don’t care if this is reality or not.

Look at these people:

Right. Men everywhere will wonder why they can’t have sex with horrible women.

*eye roll*

AND THAT’S A DUDE. We think.

We should probably be careful ‘assigning’ gender here.

Sweet baby Jeebus, who are these people? What century do they think this is?


So now we can say women?


They exploit it to defend abortion.


Again, if they had a real argument they wouldn’t have to keep making crap up.



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