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DeSantis Effect: Judd Legum whining about PR firm that represents HUGE companies telling clients to stay out of abortion debate BACKFIRES

Womp-womp, DeSantis proved people are sick of woke corporations.

All anyone has to do is take a look at Disney … Americans are sick of it. Stick with making great products, providing great customer service, and stay TF out of politics.


Seems Judd Legum hasn’t exactly read the room just yet because he seems to think people should be mad that a major PR firm is telling their clients like Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Netflix to stay out of the abortion debate.

They’re right.



Companies sticking to doing company stuff.

The horror.

Zeno gets it.

Media love to bully companies into taking ‘their’ stand (not a stand) and then when their customers are pissed and they start losing money the media have moved on to something else to annoy the masses with.


They’re. Right.

This is a no-win situation.

Stay out of it.

And this is what really bugs Judd who has a history of going after corporations for having the wrong opinions on issues.


There’s a reason this firm is one of the biggest.

As a woman, this editor finds it abhorrent that our rights are tied to the death of other human beings.



See what he’s doing?

He’s going after them, just like the PR group said they would.

It might explain these companies want to stay in business, Judd, and saw the absolute mess Disney made of itself.


That. ^



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