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'What a COMEDY sketch': Megyn Kelly DRAGS Rep. Francesca Hong with her own BIO for ridiculous 'birthing bodies' abortion tweet

Pretty sure if you refuse to say ‘women’ or ‘woman’ when talking about abortion rights you’re pretty much disqualified from the debate from the get-go. Not to mention there’s no such thing as ‘abortion rights’ but that’s another article.


What the Hell is a birthing body?

It does not bring up the best visual … you know what, we don’t really want to know what a birthing body is.

This tweet. Wow.

While many people dragged Hong for how stupid this was, nobody did a better job than Megyn Kelly, who used Hong’s own Twitter bio to take her down.

Comedy sketch indeed.

Too bad it’s not funny.

It really is starting to feel like we are living in some bizarre Twilight Zone.


She calls women birthing bodies and wants to bully people into wearing masks but doesn’t want any sort of restrictions around aborting babies.

Let’s not pretend she makes any sense about much of anything.


Good word for the insanity we see the Left spewing so they can be the best at playing their identity politics game.



Cori Bush, Pramila Jayapal, and other Dems calling themselves COURAGEOUS for having abortions does NOT go well for them, like at all

THERE it is! TOTALLY unbiased Ministry of Truth head Nina Jankowicz shows her TRUE colors babbling about ‘disinformers’ in CRT rant (watch)

Douchebag ALERT! Christina Pushaw WALLOPS WaPo ‘journo’ who threatens her with an even MORE biased hit piece if she doesn’t cooperate

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