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THERE it is! TOTALLY unbiased Ministry of Truth head Nina Jankowicz shows her TRUE colors babbling about 'disinformers' in CRT rant (watch)

Because OF COURSE, Nina Jankowicz lives in Loudoun County, VA. That just really seals the deal here with Biden’s Disinformation Czar … when you hear that and think of the dumpster fire of awful that has been the news out of and around Loudoun County, this just makes so much sense.


Especially when you see Quentin Tarantino, sorry, Nina talking about CRT.

This is the person Biden wants to control ‘disinformation.’

Republicans and other ‘disinformers’.

Is she calling parents disinformers? Because parents in Loudoun County and around the country ARE the ones fighting the good fight against CRT.

Oh, and it’s adorable how she claims the outlets that are covering CRT (which is very real and embedded in teacher training and woven into Social-Emotional Learning) are doing so for profit. She really is just awful.

The Left would lose their freakin’ minds. Can you IMAGINE if Trump had put together his own Ministry of Truth and appointed someone very obviously and totally biased to be in charge of controlling disinformation? This country would be on fire.


We’re not counting on it.

Oh, we were pretty sure it would be her doing it.


She reminds us of Nancy Pelosi in this way. The more Nancy lies or the more lost she becomes, the more she flaps her arms around.

Same with Nina.


Yeah, we’d pay to watch this.




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